JSON-RPC is a remote procedure call protocol encoded in JSON. It is a lightweight data-interchange format. It can represent numbers, strings, ordered sequences of values, and collections of name/value pairs. is a stateless, light-weight remote procedure call (RPC) protocol. Primarily this specification defines several data structures and the rules around their processing. It is transport agnostic in that the concepts can be used within the same process, over sockets, over HTTP, or in many various message passing environments.

JSON RPC endpoints

Resource URL

JSON RPC endpoint https://rpc.etherlite.org

Testnet https://rpc-testnet.etherlite.org

WebSockets WSS endpoint wss://rpc.etherlite.org/websocket

Testnet wss://rpc-testnet.etherlite.org/websocket

Source - https://eth.wiki/json-rpc/API

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