About EtherLite Validators

The number of EtherLite network participants and cannot exceed the values assigned to the MAX_CANDIDATES and MAX_VALIDATORS parameters. (Max Candidates are 151254 and Max Validators are 50418)

Any arbitrary address with at least DELEGATOR_MIN_STAKE native coins (1000 ETL) can stake their tokens and become a delegator.

The network's operation is divided into staking epochs (STAKING_EPOCH_PERIOD – 1 week with 3 sec of block time). A new staking epoch begins immediately following the termination of the previous epoch.

There is a different validator set in each Staking Epoch to avoid attacks. At the beginning of each staking epoch, the algorithm selects a new validator set from the current list of candidates and creates a snapshot of the current state of the validators' pools. If there are fewer than MAX_VALIDATORS+1 candidates, every candidate becomes a validator. The snapshot is used to calculate the reward amount for validators and delegators when they claim the reward.

An arbitrary address X in the network has to launch its node and put at least the minimum stake in the form of ETL (CANDIDATE_MIN_STAKE is 100,000 ETL) on its own address.

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