Launch a Validator Node

How to launch Etherlite validator node with Docker Compose and OpenEthereum

  1. 1.
    Install Docker Engine and Docker Compose following the original instructions and
  2. 2.
    Clone this repo:
    git clone
    cd validator-node-dockerized
  3. 3.
    To be a validator, you need to download the binary from official etherlite
    apt install -y unzip
    curl -L "" -o
  4. 4.
    Create password file for mining account.
    nano password
  5. 5.
    Create your mining account
    openethereum account new --keys-path=data/keys --password=password --chain=etherlite
  6. 6.
    Copy .env.example to .env and configure the .env file. There are a few settings you need to define:
    • EXT_IP - External IP of the current server.
    • ACCOUNT - Your mining address (with leading 0x).
  7. 7.
    Start your node.
    docker-compose up -d
After docker containers are created, the node will sync with the chain (may take a while).
To restart you need to use docker-compose stop and docker-compose start being in the validator-node-dockerized directory.