How to create EC2

To launch an EC2 instance

1. Sign in to the preview version of the AWS Management Console.

2. Open the Amazon EC2 console by choosing EC2 under Compute.

3. From the Amazon EC2 dashboard, choose Launch Instance.

4. The Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) page displays a list of basic configurations called Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that serve as templates for your instance. Choose Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS (HVM) - 64-bit (x86)

5. On the Choose an Instance Type page, choose c5.2xlarge as the hardware configuration of your instance

6. On Configure Instance Details Select Appropriate Network and Subnet Details. Or Keep Default Setting If you want

7. On Add Storage Screen you need to enter 200 GB value to attach storage to your EC2 Instance. And then you can Enter Tags to your EC2 Instance as per your choice after clicking Add Tags Button

8. On Configure Security Group By default 22 port is open. You need to add Custom TCP Port 8545 additionally as specified in Image

9. Click Review and Launch to Launch that EC2 Instance but before that you need to create new Key Pair/ Use Existing Key Pair [PEM File] for your EC2 Instance and download and save it to secure place. After launching EC2 Instance it will be seen in EC2 dashboard.

10. Attaching Elastic IP to an Instance – In Network and Security Tab select Elastic Ips option and click on Allocate Elastic IP address

11. Enter appropriate Tag if you want and click on Allocate

12. After Allocating Elastic IP Click on Action and then Associate Elastic IP Address

13. Now Select EC2 Instance you just created from Dropdown Selection and click on Associate

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